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Air Connected

"As the air travels with no boundaries,

Peace is shared with no bias.

Each one represents the whole."

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Release date:  12.02.2021

Air connected is part of a series of murals and paintings developed by Pipe Yanguas, a Colombian artist. The series highlights the interconnection between all living things. I agreed to work on this project mainly because the central idea resonates with my own philosophy. We are all part of the whole, even though we identify as separate selves.


When I was approached by Pipe to create a theme for his work, I first noticed the repetition of the lines and dots forming the unique circular structure. I wanted to expresst this characteristic trait vividly with the music. Inspired by Ravel's Bolero, I began composing a cycling theme that would grow in complexity and dynamics.


The theme was born in F minor as a simple melody. Originally, Pipe requested 1 min of music but I liked the theme so much, that I decided to expand it into two versions.

One version is short and orchestrated. This version was mainly done to introduce the dance on the mural in the form of a music video. The second version is mainly piano-based to enhance the cyclic melodic pattern with different styles of particle sounds.

Hidden Details


- The piano version undergoes 4 different cycles. Listen closely how the melody progresses in complexity. The first cycle is simple and includes silent pauses between the melodic patterns.  These pauses resemble the conscious awareness as it realises the interconnection of the melodic notes.


After a short chord progression, the following two cycles have additional degrees of connectivity in the melody. I included reverberating patterns (particles) to enhance the auditory perception of the melody. The final cycle has a constant patter that is accompanied by sustained string effects. This is suppose to be an introduction to the second version of the theme.


- To my eyes, Pipe's collection of art resembles something ancient and mystical that wants to open up to the world. So I orchestrated a version full of rhythm and energy. In this version you will hear percussion instruments and colourful countermelodies done with a viola and a solo flutes. Meant as a dance that indulges in the grace of giving, this theme will captivate you and leave you wishing for more. 

- Don't miss Pipe's dance & art and see the music full video!


The Coverart


The Coverart is an extracted frame from the original music video. The dancer, Pipe, represents the air. The white cloth represents peace. And as he dances on the mural (interconnectedness) he brings peace to each part.

The font was designed by Pipe Yanguas.

Video credits and special thanks to Andres Abril (@andrezabril)

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