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My first album. 

A collection of nine themes.

A story that begins with an observer.

A story that ends in the most mystical void of existence.

Welcome to the never-ending journey of consciousness.



Some background information ...

This work is a collection of pieces that I composed and arranged during my doctoral studies. But some themes I composed back when I was 15 years old. All themes are piano pieces. Some are arranged with other instruments to add an additional dimension of color to the sound image. The collection is divided into three parts, each with three pieces. 

Part I  - The Human & Matter

Part II - The Human & Time

Part III - The Human & Existence

Solar Eclipse

More about Part I ...

It was difficult to pick a start to this story, but the moment I composed Solar Eclipse, I knew it right away that this piece was the opening of the story. It introduces the main character, an observer, a curious Human mind that is surrounded by a reality he begins to question. 


As the Human observers the process of a Solar Eclipse, the first portal opens up.  Something must be happening, at a higher dimension that enables such a unique process to occur. The best part of it is, that he is aware that this process occurs completely out of his control. The Human just observes. For the limited mind, loosing control is irrational. For free mind however, it welcomes life to just... happen.

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La Consciencia de la Piedra (The Stone's Consciousness) is the second theme from the album. This is how it was born. One afternoon, I was in a deserted island in the  middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape was beautiful. A calm cloudy, late-summer day.  There was no one around because it had just finished raining, and to my surprise, the sun was softly following my trail. I was so inspired about the calm water and the stones on the beach. I didn't think of anything, I just observed it and tried to remember that moment as clear as possible. When I got to my hotel, I placed my hands in my keyboard, and in happened.  In 20 mins, I had the whole piece.

After the magical moment, the Human soon finds a busy mind. tAnother thought arrises. If the Universe is so big and intelligent, then is it entirely conscious? Or are there just some conscious parts to it? If it is only partially conscious, then where can we draw the line of something being conscious or unconscious?  The Human then picks up a stone in the ground. Holds it, and stares at it endlessly. The moment his mind becomes as still as the stone, another portal opens up, the symbiosis between the observer and the observed. Alone, none has any value. Together, they share the beauty of reality. This is how the stone teaches the Human the essence of his own consciousness.

Northern Lights
Zen Stones

The third theme deals with one of my most favorite physical phenomena. The Photoacoustic effect. During my doctoral studies, the  idea that light can be translated into sound fascinated me.

So the Human asks, why is everything so quiet and distant? The stars, the galaxies, the empty space? Then, he notices the beautiful colors of the Northern Lights. He is amazed by their beautiful dance and his mind begins to dance to them. He discovers that his ears are full of sound and becomes aware the light is also sound.

The third portal opens up as he realizes that what connects us to the furthest distance of the universe is light. And light is the source of universal communication.

What about Part II & III?

All the pieces are written but I am currently working on the arrangement and production. In this new phase, I am learning how to orchestrate and mix my productions. However, you can follow me on instagram and youtube and request these songs that I will very gladly play for you live and narrate the story.

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Tell me who you are and what your interest are. I am really looking forward to connect with you.

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