"Human consciousness, similar to a flower,

is meant to blossom.

Let this theme inspire you to connect to it and transform it."

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First release date:  31.01.2020

New version: 29.01.2021

Change is inevitable. It occurs everywhere. It is the predestined fate of matter governed by the passing of time. Some changes can be fast, others slow. Sometimes they can be induced, catalysed, or even temporarily halted. 


Trans-Formations is an ode to the powerful human ability to understand matter, and to transform it. Changes at the atomical level can influence drastically our conscious perception of reality and of who we think we are. 

While composing Trans-Formations, I included some interesting ideas on how to transform the role of the two hands playing the piano. At a certain point the melody shifts into the left hand, which usually plays the harmony. Both roles completely change at the end of the piece.


The new release of Trans-Formations includes a soft acoustic version, while the original version is energetic and accompanied by electronic beats and synthesisers.

Listening Method

- The piano version is meant as a contemplation of our thoughts and emotions to induce changes in our state of mind. I welcome you to listen to this version and close your eyes. Let your mind drift away and focus on the soft piano sounds and try to follow them with your mind. Try to grasp the moments where the melody transforms into the harmony and vice versa (min – 2.26). The mild tempo is meant to induce a meditative state for you to reach mental clarity and relaxation. 


- The upbeat/electronic version, is best to listen when moving or exercising.  Think of the synth sounds as electrons moving around atoms and causing atomic arrangements in molecules. Follow the electronic beat, as it builds up and brings you to an altered states of joy and energy. Listen to the ending as you slowly come to back to a state of balance.

- For visual inspiration, I have put together a music video to inspire you to think how daily transformations occur on Earth and how they affect our emotions. Don't forget to leave a comment! I would love to know what you think of it.

trans-formations original.jpg

The Coverart


The central symbol, was created by ELAR with hundreds of equilateral pentagons. It represents blossoming of the human consciousness. The bluish purple hue resemble Ajna, the third eye Chakra. Have you ever felt a pressure point in your third eye whenever you are very concentrated or in a deep state of meditation? Try to focus on this point while listening to Trans-Formations. The psychedelic-like patterns were chosen to represent the altered state of consciousness that our mind can achieve.

This theme was composed as a graduation gift for Alina Tirla,

my great friend and most admired chemist.

The piece was first presented live after her PhD. defence on July 2019.  

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